cheery pie.

cherry pie.

the above cherry pie = the reason for this journal of sweets, cheery pie. the ingredients were simple; the crust was measurements of almond flour, coconut oil and salt, the filling had sweet, fresh cherries, almond extract and a mix of maple syrup and honey (i think). the thing is, i don’t quite remember. i made this pie as a last minute dessert, using only ingredients i had in my kitchen and never documented how i did it. i’m sure if i tried i could recreate it, or find a recipe in a cookbook or online that would yield similar results, but it might not be exact, and this exact this pie was goood. anyway, i’d like to be more deliberate with my cooking (mostly sweets) and that starts with documenting the good stuff (and maybe the bad). for recipes i borrow, this will be easy, and i will share those too, but for my own almond flour alchemy, this will be a challenge, but i’ll do my best.