the best guacamole.

the best guacamole.

look for ripe avocados. soft, but not too soft, or with super mushy indentations. these little nuggs go bad quickly, and they’re not cheap, so best to buy right. there’s nothing worse that slicing open an avocado in prep for some amazing recipe, only to find brown stinky mush inside. so get them ripe and use them quick.

the players; ripe mango, juice from ½ of a small lime, cherry tomatoes (i vaguely remember reading that cherry tomatoes have a better nutritional profile than their bigger counterparts, don't hole hold me to it, look it up;) and fresh ricotta. i used the recipe from this book, (this one looks simple too) organic valley farms also makes a great one.

i know avocado doesn’t need any help being rich and creamy, but adding ricotta just makes it beyond decadent and flavorful. i’ve tried this with pineapple, and a combo of mango and pineapple, but i find mango adds a perfect amount of sweetness. sofa king good. you can find and actually print the recipe here!!!